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Would have been a neat way to experiment around with putting a SQL front end on various KV interfaces. Redis or etcd, for example.

CockroachDB has a good blog post[0] that describes how they implemented SQL. (CockroachDB is a key-value store.)

[0] https://www.cockroachlabs.com/blog/sql-in-cockroachdb-mappin...

>(CockroachDB is a key-value store.)

Correction: CockroachDB is based on a KV store, it's a full SQL RDBMS on top of this KV store.

Yes, that note was misleading. Thanks for clarifying :)

Presto has connectors for various types of non-SQL databases including Redis: https://prestodb.io/docs/current/connector/redis.html

Presto is a distributed SQL query engine for big data, so basically the complete opposite of SQLite, though it often gets used in federation scenarios, as does SQLite.

An interesting anecdote is that the team working on what would become osquery (https://osquery.io/) asked if they could reuse the SQL parser from Presto. We get that question a lot, and after explaining that the parser is the easy part (semantic analysis and execution is the real work), I determined that what they really wanted were SQLite virtual tables: https://sqlite.org/vtab.html (and those worked out great for them)

Fairly straightforward to make a mysql storage engine for it, e.g. https://github.com/AALEKH/ReEngine

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