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Can anyone explain to me what a "downasaur" is? I've not used Android, so I don't know this term.

Also, I'm not sure progressive anything on the web is a better experience for users. I have a reasonably fast connection everywhere I use the web and I find it a much worse experience when I load a website and see a really low-res version of images that suddenly changes to high res. Likewise, seeing all the text laid out in one font only to have it suddenly jump seconds later when it's done "progressively" downloading the font that's barely different from the standard one.

It seems like what would be more helpful is a way to understand the speed of the connection and choose what to send based on that, rather than assuming everyone has a bad connection. Or make it so your web site doesn't need a bunch of cruft like fonts that the user doesn't care about and just loads quickly regardless of connection speed.

I'm guessing it refers to the fact that on Android Chrome, when there is a error connecting to a site, the error screen has a little pixel art dinosaur on it, (which also has a little game included as an easter egg).


when chrome can't connect to a site or it crashes, the page that shows up has a dinosaur on it.

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