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Take a look at the actual technical rationale: https://blogs.fsfe.org/larma/2016/microg-signature-spoofing-...

I understand why this seems alarming to a bystander. But if you're still dubious go read the Gerrit reviews--it's pretty clear the CM team was unwilling to accept the patch because "it allows one app to impersonate another" not because it presents a security hole. The patch went through multiple iterations ending on one that means users would literally see a prompt:

  "microGapps is requesting permission FAKE_SIGNATURE to ..."
The point is that it's not a security concern _if the user allows it_. By definition.. it's tautologically impossible to classify such a scenario as a security concern if the user selects "this is not a security concern" when asked if they're concerned about about allowing microGapps to fake the google play services signature.

The microGapps team then asked "how would you propose we land on a solution so that we can provide an alternative to gapps while still checking the [x] security box? The CM team failed to provide any sort of compromise stating that allowing one app to impersonate another is not a feature they were willing to support on their platform.

So you see, it's not security that was the issue. The issue is that the CM team was unwilling to give users the freedom to allow the system to work as they want. What's infinitely ironic is that CM used to ship with root. It was the community fork "for the community by the community". It's not hard to correlate their sell out with their rollback on providing support for apps that need root and then irrational stance on letting some other thing be google play services.

The uGapps team is frustrated, but it's not petulant. It's very valid.

LineageOS provides the root flashable zip for any of their ROMs.

I will read more into the security claims and concerns, and may be persuaded, but at first blush I support not spoofing application signatures, as this is the same sort of chain of trust that package managers and app stores are built on.

As a consumer, I appreciate that LineageOS with Google services passes most to all of the CTS/Safetynet checks, and doesn't make me choose between having an updated, streamlined version of Android, and using my bank app, or playing Pokemon Go.

I think merging these changes could easily jeopardize that and maintaining it as a fork makes sense to me.

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