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NO! LineageOS has no agreement with Google to provide Play Services. In order to do that you have to literally pirate play services and install them on LineageOS. That, IMHO is a far greater concern than allowing a SYSTEM app (one that is built into the framework) to pretend to be google play services.

No one said they have an agreement. I said they didn't want to do anything to disrupt the status quo.

> Yes, and LineageOS is not. LinesageOS has an interest in maintaining the ability to run Google blobs and accepting such a patch might potentially harm that interest.

Maybe I'm being a little pedantic, but my point is it's not LineageOS that makes that call. LineageOS does not distribute gapps and is not in any agreement with google that would possibly adversely impact users' ability to run gaps due to such agreement being revoked were LineageOS to act against googles interest. CM on the other hand likely would have been either directly or indirectly when it was buddied with one plus (which is when this went down).

There are a lot of subtly incorrect statements in this thread and I'm trying to help clarify because I find this discussion interesting and important.

Again it has nothing to do with agreements. Google is not preventing them from running the blobs, but they could.

LineageOS doesn't want to give the provocation to prevent them from being able to run the blobs.

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