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I also recommend it. And I'm a bit sad CopperheadOS, which was an excellent more secure alternative (they had teamed up with The Guardian Project and F-Droid [1]) contains now non-open source code of their own [2].

[1] https://guardianproject.info/2016/03/28/copperhead-guardian-...

[2] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CopperheadOS

All of the CopperheadOS source code is still published and can be modified / redistributed. It's not Free Software anymore since that wasn't supported by the community while at the same time it was exploited by (competing) companies without giving back. The choice was either having a working business model by requiring payment for commercial use or ending CopperheadOS.

I know, and I totally understand the situation and your choice.

How is the collaboration with The Guardian Project and F-Droid announced in [1] going?

Don't you think Copperhead might become a really niche choice given how expensive Pixels (vs Nexus) are?

[1] https://guardianproject.info/2016/03/28/copperhead-guardian-...

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