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I am perfectly fine with plain LineageOS and no Play Services at all. But, then, I am fine with just Firefox and some instant messaging app.

If I need other apps, I install them with Yalp store or F-droid. Lots of them run fine without Play Services (including Google Maps).

The phone is fast, the battery lasts a lot, slightly better security

> Lots of them run fine without Play Services (including Google Maps).

And there's also OsmAnd, which I think deserves a try.

I haven't used Google Maps in a few years, but I initially switched, because OsmAnd was much more reliable with offline maps. I've also heard people say that they've found OsmAnd's maps to be better, especially in more secluded areas.


Thanks for the advice, I downloaded OsmAnd plus. :)

+1 for not needing Play Services. I've been running a free Android, and so far every app installed has worked fine, except push notifications, but I see that as a feature—less interruptions.

Can you recommend a good free gmail client? The default email app doesn't work well with gmail -- double sends every time.

I use K-9 Droid without any issues with gmail. https://f-droid.org/packages/com.fsck.k9/

Same here, it's great. Integrates with OpenKeychain as well for the best PGP/GPG workflow on a phone.

Maybe you'd want to migrate away from Gmail too if you're happy without Play Services? I've been happy with Fastmail, and their import from Gmail worked without hiccups.

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