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That's admirable, I couldn't read that much!

I'm wondering what Campbell did achieve by doing all that reading and what made it the most important period of his scholarship and study.

The 10,000 hour figure (which is just an arbitrary number, not an absolute rule according to Anders Ericsson[1] whose research Malcolm Gladwell referred to) implies you can reach mastery with a lot of practice, given you do the right kind of practice.

Mastery is the ability to perform a skill, it's not about knowledge. You need knowledge to perform, but knowledge without being able to perform does not imply mastery.

[1] https://www.amazon.com/Peak-Secrets-New-Science-Expertise-eb...

If you are wondering what he achieved by all that reading, read his books or watch the man speak. I’d say at minimum he achieved a much greater contentment than most people I’ve ever encountered have, and at most has positively impacted literally millions of people’s lives.

Seems like a good investment to me.

Did he achieve that by reading for 9 hours a day or in spite of reading for 9 hours a day though? I'm aware of no research showing that reading that much would make you a happier person or more influential.

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