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I don't know about reasonable. I mean if they have the availability then this just means their networks are the problem.

The telecoms in the US should have much better networks, especially after stealing hundreds of billions of dollars from US taxpayers for promises that were never delivered.[0][1]



This reminds me of the fact that it seems in Austin, the TWC/Charter merger seems to have done little to improve the speeds, despite a small price hike... Yet, it seems that the city is now covered in shiny brand new ford transit vans with Spectrum emblazoned over the sides. If they put 1/2 the effort into upgrading the network they seem to be putting into advertising and buying new vans then I wouldn't still be jealous of my coworkers with google fiber given that DOCSIS 3.1 is 4 years old and my modem is still locked at a fraction of the now ten year old DOCIS 3.0 speed.

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