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For all those reading this thinking, man, I could never do this or be successful at my own business, follow his advice, JUST DO IT!

It isn't that hard, it is especially not that hard if you approach it like he did and grow very slowly and keep your costs down. I did the same thing with my best friend years ago, starting off while still having a job, then making a leap when things were slightly vetted.

Best decision of my life. I've travelled the world, set my own schedules, always worked on what I wanted to work on and had a far more interesting set of challenges than I would have staying coding at another startup.

The key is not to aim for the moon, aim to pay the bills. We reduced our expenses to $5k (pre tax) a month, then set that as our goal our first year. It was achievable, but more importantly we eventually grew to making far, far more than that. But I've still always kept my expenses low because I've always wanted the freedom to do what I wanted.

I'm now in Africa, doing a startup here because it is new and exciting and satisfies my need to do good. Never would have been here if I had stayed at the day job.


Actually, I found patio11's background to be generally pretty average and unexceptional - I was thinking "if he can do it, anyone can".

(no offense intended to patio11:)

None taken. I agree with "anyone can do this", with the proviso that it really helps if you can do at least one kind of programming and enjoy learning things.

Never give up, never surrender!

Ah, but if you met him - - - you might think a little differently.

Although, the number of people that I know that learned Japanese in America is, like, two. I would say that makes him exceptional in that regard.

What are doing in Africa? I'd love to talk to you about it sometime. I'm doing some work there as well construction/water&waste mgmt. We'll soon make some very early stage efforts to enter the energy industry as well. See my profile for contact info.

I'm starting a software company, primarily focusing on SMS based data collection systems.

See this blog post for the whole story of how I got here: http://blog.nyaruka.com/18178694

should also see txtGate http://github.com/niryariv/txtgate for a good model of turning a single device into an sms gateway and data collection device. Good luck, keep us updated.

I should mention I first saw txtGate here on HN because the developer is a member. More of a proof of concept than anything else, but a great idea.

Thank you.

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