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In the past not all images on pexels.com had the correct license or did check the license. We stopped using pexels some time ago.

Thanks! I will stop using it

Great list! Now I'm looking for a similar list for icons. And fonts.

https://resourcecards.com/ is a great resource for literally anything you need :D

Google Fonts

This is probably off topic and will irritate designers around the world. But personally I disable all custom fonts. I have two. Helvatica equivalent and a monospace. Sizing is limited to 8-14 depending on screen resolution

Another reason to block Google Fonts is that it's (yet another) source of tracking data for them, not sure if you can self-host those though. Personally from the sites I've looked at with and without Google Fonts, it's not much of a loss.

I agree why give google everything? You could try http://brick.im/fonts/ brick fonts is at least a choice.. I have used it and it seems fine..I have yet to expand use of brick fonts but on some sites I see no issues.. nice choice of fonts as well

WHOLLY! Thank you very much. I'll be going through and every one of those. Though judging from the popularity of this thread, probably likely other startups will have the same images as me :)

Hey, yeah its a super good list. As others have pointed out, it really depends on what you wanna do with the picture. A few of my favorites are Stocksy and Cavan. On the more user generated side you have eyeem and 500px. And on the high high end you have getty. Check out Haystack.im and let me know if its helpful.

Thanks. I'll check it out. I just want to avoid those cheesy, unprofessional stock images - just looks tacky and the people in those images look way too fake when we show our website.

If you let us know a bit more about what you are looking for (two people in a coffee shop ; shark attack ; Williamsburg hipster on a penny farthing) and a budget I can put a gallery together for you....

I was about to share this. 100% free, Creative-Commons Zero.

I personally love unsplash. They have a great community and good collection of high-res images.

Awesome, hn favourited so I can come back to this

I never realized I could favorite a comment on HN. Thanks!

For anyone wondering how: Next to the username of the comment you want to save it will show how long ago the comment was left (ex: "40 minutes ago"). Click on that time and then there is a link at the top where you can click favorite.

Oh wow! Thanks...I've been using HN for years and never realised this was possible!

IIRC it's a relatively new thing in the past year or two... I think

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