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Fundamental attribution error - rebooting in the middle of a presentation is not an inherent property in Windows. You could have configured Windows Update to not do that. (I'm guessing it was "do it x minutes after bootup", or similar).

Especially in a discussion mentioning Linux, configuring a piece of software to behave how you want should be a basic sort of thing to do.

The efficiency gains are enormous

It was so much more efficient the other day when I had to cobble together a bash script to poll MySQL to show running queries, then realise it wasn't running fast enough, switch on query logging, find a reference telling me SIGHUP doesn't cause MySQL to reload config files, restart the database, run some tests, disable the logging, restar the database again. I was so pleased I couldn't just open SQL Server Profiler/Tracer and see live database activity in a couple of mouse clicks and no restarts.

The efficiency gains are arguable and situation (and person) dependent.

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