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Heptio Contour – An ENVOY powered ingress controller (github.com)
50 points by lazypower 10 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 11 comments

Thank you lazypower and Heptio for Contour. Here is how to get the Contour on Canonical Distribution of Kubernetes. https://medium.com/@ktsakalozos/heptio-contour-on-the-canoni...

Keep up the good work.

Considering that both use Envoy as a proxy, is Contour an alternative to Istio https://istio.io/ ?

Istio is for building a service mesh inside your network of microservices. This is about the front facing ingress to get into your services from the internet. It's closer to Ambassador (https://getambassador.io)

Thanks, I tried to describe the different categories in our scope https://gitlab.com/gitlab-com/www-gitlab-com/commit/f48d5d8a...

Ambassador is positioned as API GW instead of ingress controller. Contour is designed to be an ingress controller.

Istio provides a control plane and can be deployed to also provide you with a service mesh with a side car approach. Istio also gives you features like rate limiting, traffic shaping, authentication (tls mutual auth) and metrics out of the box. Contour is meant to solve the ingress problem by using Envoy as a reverse proxy. I think it will primarily be focused on doing that.

Istio comes with its own ingress controller that uses envoy. This is an alternative to ambassador, as already said, or nginx-ingress.

Ambassador is positioned as API GW instead of ingress controller. Contour is designed to be an ingress controller. API GW also acts as ingress controller but has more features than ingress controller to manage the APIs. Contour is comparable to Istio-ingress, nginx ingress controller or HAProxy ingress controller.

Why would I use this over the batters included Nginx Ingress controller?

No SSL/TLS termination should be a deal breaker right off.

Initially thought this might be something to do with https://www.ingress.com/ and wondered how it could be played with a controller ...

When linking to GitHub, please link to the readme. Without knowing anything about the project, that's what we'll read first, and the additional click needed in mobile is a waste.

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