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Blueprint your Footprint

Observe your AWS footprint. Dump it as CloudFormation, or hook up a tool like http://hava.io or http://www.visualops.io/ to get a spatial representation of your infrastructure.

They both have powerful costing tools. Use this data in conjunction with your baseline performance metrics (memory/CPU/disk consumption) and see if there are any broad savings to be made by refactoring your platform.

If you have been steadily adding components (and their SG dependencies), its likely there is no clear understanding of the End-to-End scope of your AWS footprint.

From all this data comes your Blueprint. You choose what's necessary; VPC, ELB, AZ, RDS, S3, R53 and so on.

Use something that is not the AWS console to define and capture a new, blueprinted environment and deploy it. See if it does the job by running your availability and performance suite on it.

Start doing Blue/Green Deploys so your costs are reflective of your application.

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