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I like his summary however, on the low end, I found OVH is more affordable than DigitalOcean depending on your needs. Digital Ocean is $20/month for 2 GB of RAM while OVH is $28/month for 7 GB with roughly similar specs for the rest (SSD, etc). Note that OVH also offers VPS SSD with 8 GB for $13.50/month however it doesn't automatically renew (at least in Canadian region) so you have to manually pay your bill each month. The $28/month option is under their public cloud offering and supposedly does auto renew.

You can also scale up memory at OVH without scaling up the rest of the server. So you can get to 15 GB of RAM for $34/month (at Digital Ocean, that is closer to $120/month or $160/month with much better specs for rest of server). But if all you need is more RAM...

Digital Ocean is a lot more user-friendly though than OVH. If you need good support, DO is probably a better bet.

On the low end, Linode is also an option: 2GB/$10.

Don't forget Vultr

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