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I had lots of DNS zones in Route 53 that didn't really need to be there. So I moved a bunch of them to ClouDNS, which supports ALIAS records to have apex domains point to CloudFront distributions. Seems to work.

Also I realized that DynamoDB autoscaling is relatively expensive for a large number of tables, because it sets up multiple CloudWatch Alarms for each table. So I turned off autoscaling for tables that don't really need it.

I have started to replace DynamoDB tables with Cloud Directory instances in cases where I don't want to have the fixed cost of tables sitting idle (Cloud Directory is charged by request). But this takes a lot of work to do retroactively and Cloud Directory doesn't have a nice CRUD UI, and of course it only fits projects that work well with a graph database.

These are not big costs in absolute $$$, but for personal projects they can be significant when you want to avoid piling up fixed monthly costs to keep services running.

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