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Mogotest: Web Testing Made Easier (mogotest.com)
62 points by nirvdrum on July 29, 2010 | hide | past | web | favorite | 28 comments

We've been users of Mogotest since they first launched their beta. Amazing time saver (especially if you dev on a Mac). I run automated tests across three sites as well as on demand after major pushes. It's especially helpful for our IE 6/7/8 testing. I used to keep VMWare open to test IE stuff and it killed my poor MB and was still a pita to have multiple IE versions happy in my test XP image. Haven't opened it in months ... don't miss it at all.

Big props to them on their launch.

Cool site but I was expecting to see a screenshot of my page in each browser. Besides validation errors I also care about layout.

http://www.webpagetest.org/ provides that feature (for IE 7/8), I have been using it frequently.

EDIT: Found the right link, sorry for the confusion.

If you click on the URL in the test results, you'll see a grid of your screenshots in each browser. If you hover each thumbnail, you can see a full resolution version or a full canvas version (shows all scrollable content). There's a set of image comparison tools there, too.

The thumbnails are great, but it probably would be better to make getting there more clear. Also, I would put all of the IE screenshots on one row. Great service though, glad to see another option for testing across browsers.

Duly noted. It's a little easier to get there when you you're testing a full site, but we should improve the single URL experience. And thanks for the feedback on the grid.

No problem. I really like how you handled errors and the ability to browse them. That is a cool feature.

A long delayed reply, but this UI has been significantly cleaned up into a simple browser compatibility report.

see also, SauceLabs


What other competitors does Mogo have?

I don't ask to go elsewhere, I ask because coincidentally I decided this morning was the day for me to find a better solution to all the crap I've been tolerating for so long in my cross-browser compatibility work. Mogo was the absolute quickest to impress me and I'm curious if I've misevaluated the lot of them, or if I'm so trained to adore anything referred from HN. I need some perspective.

nirvdrum, care to compare lists of "Web Testing" tools?

Sure. I'm going to simplify things just because of space constraints, but I'll highlight what I think are the biggest differences.

- browsershots.org: Free option (go to the back of the line), paid option (priority), but ultimately screenshots only.

- Adobe Browserlab: Pricing not defined? It will be pay, but I don't think they've announced pricing. Single page only results. Just does screenshot comparisons.

- Litmus App: I'm not sure if they're completely out of the space. They've been focusing on email render testing. Single page only results, but pretty slick UI.

- browsera: Does some of the cross-browser issue detection (we'll be adding this soon, but it's not there yet), but feels clunky to use. Limited browser selection, but they said they're working on that. Doesn't do the general site issue detection we do.

Sorry if that was an oversimplification. I'm not trying to misrepresent what the others are doing. Some do some things better than us now, but we're moving pretty quickly on our product, which we think is better in other ways. Primarily, we're amongst the fastest and easiest to set up & use.

No apologies needed. That's is a solid summary. It also confirms my research. I appreciate it.

Just to follow-up, we do have automated issue detection now. So, we're able to detect a whole class of rendering problems and report just the pages you should look at in the browsers that seem problematic.

I guess http://www.reedge.com is partially a competitor.

Yeap. Sauce is great. It's a fundamentally different service, but complements ours quite well.

I checked your profile briefly to see if this was your site. I wouldn't have posted a quasi-competitor if there was disclosure.

Ahh, good point. I forgot to update my profile. Thanks for the reminder.

Well, as said quasi-competitor, I don't mind the name drop. ;-)

Thanks for the trial minutes of SL from PyCon, I still have mine and I'm having a hard time using them. :-(

Most of what I want to test is internal and I don't have the political clout/intestinal fortitude to get it exposed enough for SL to see it.

We do have a reverse ssh tunnel thing for that (aka "Sauce Tunnel"). I'd like to think that using it does not require having a strong intestine...

But yanking this thread back to being about mogotest... Congrats on the launch, guys!

http://microsoft.com freezes it on the last 10%... I canceled after it didn't complete in 110 seconds.

Sorry about that. We're doing our best to keep up with demand. Seems something funky happened for you. I just ran that site through and it returned in about 27 seconds. Would you mind trying again?

Ya, it's working now.

Great service. It's next feature should be auto-IE compatibility.

We now have auto detection of errors, so we can report rendering failures in IE without you having to do it manually. Auto fixes are still a long way off :-)

Hmm. Great idea, truly. But $45 /mnth? Don't get me wrong. I'm not a miser. I buy software, ebooks, audiobooks and online subscriptions without batting an eyelash. But $45 mnth seems to break an invisible threshold for me. For $45 a month, the service better rock my world.

Nirvdrum, have you heard anyone else express that concern?

We spent a considerable amount of time on the price point. As you can imagine, at nearly every interval there's a contingent of people that won't pay for one reason or another. So, your concern about the $45/month isn't unique, but the price is the one we found balanced best.

The other half to your lead-in is whether the service really rocks your world. For a lot of people what we provide today is very compelling. Of course, we plan on enhancing things so it rocks other people, too.

If you'd like to discuss more, please email me at kevin at mogotest.com. I'd love to hear more about what you think.

That's nicely said and very polite.

Fortunately, I am not affiliated with your company, so I can afford to be a bit more blunt:

One can spend a lot of time on testing. Time is very valuable. If one's time is worth $45 an hour and you spend more than one lousy extra hour per month to save the cost of this service it is probably a mistake.

Too many services price themselves by telling amateurs what they want to hear instead of charging for the value provided to professionals.

Sure, Mogotest fulfills the needs of the hardcore web designer set, but I see the trend moving towards CMS platforms like Wordpress and pre-tested, standard compliant templates, rather than designing from scratch.

That means professionals from related web industries, enthusiasts and "amateurs" may require a service like Mogotest, but not with the frequency of professional website designers, or at the current, one-size-fits-all subscription price. Just sayin.

A little background on me. Over the past dozen years I've developed hundreds of websites, and I still wouldn't consider myself a "professional website designer". Website design isn't where my expertise or passion lie.

So yeah, nirvdrum, maybe I'm not your market. That's cool.

I wish you luck with Mogotest!

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