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So are we just going to pretend Perl doesn't exist?

You can't expect 20-or-so slides to cover all languages. And I'm not aware of any PL research topics being explored in Perl, so not sure how talking about Perl would fit in.

Perl6 in its spec has auto-parallelization of at least the hyperoperators. It has hyperoperators themselves. It has full LL and LR grammars as part of the language. It has optional strong typing for support of incrementally typing your source. It has junctions. It has a native MOP. It has active metadata on all data types (values, variables, subroutines, and types themselves).

Beyond what might be purely PL research, there are some other neat ideas being explored. It does function currying, lazy evaluation, grapheme-level Unicode support, and custom operators from any Unicode grapheme.

It's definitely a language I'd be watching if I was writing about near-future languages.

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