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Alan Moore alternates between trashing mainstream comic companies and cashing their checks.

DC is a villain to Moore because he willfully traded away the rights to his greatest creation (Watchmen) and then watched them cash in on it.

Moore is a great writer but a poor (contract) reader and he's been ranting about it ever since.

Condescending and unnecessary. How do you know he's a poor contract reader? Compared to whom, you? Do you know exactly what position he was in at that time? Have you ever been in such a position? Do you make art independently for a living, or even try?

it's clear you've decided to chime in on the conversation despite having no familliarity with Moore, which is why you have nothing more to offer than a lame sequence of pointless jabs

DC comics bought the rights to Watchmen fair and square but Moore will never let it go, he made many early claims to want to be the greatest comics writer in history...but he just ended up making someone else money

you could have learned most of this from Google in the time it took you to paste your canned response

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