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Not sure where you get this from, I'm not in an Android team, but from what I can see the top offered workstation one can get at Google has 64 GB of RAM.

I would assume that there was a special policy in place for people working on teams with a requirement for that amount of RAM.

I interned on Chrome in 2013, and at the time all Chrome engineers got a computer with an SSD (which I was told wasn't standard at the time), since they had to build Chrome on their desktops (whereas most other engineers could use Google's distributed build system).

The Android team used to get access to higher specced machines than the standard engineer, because building Android in its entirety took a long time.

At the time you could see them on stuff but could only apply if on one of the approved teams. Not sure if that's still the case.

64 seems a bit low, that's what I need for my hobbyist work. Granted, it doesn't take 64GiB of directly-allocated RAM to link Chrome (anymore), but there's almost no amount of page cache that would not be worthwhile if you have the whole AOSP on a box.

What kind of hobbies do you have? Lol

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