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Basically a set of fine-tuned virtual machine images for Amazon Cloud.

Yeah, I was hoping that this would be an nvidia managed cloud platform as a new competitor in the space. With only AWS, Azure, and Google there is definitely room for another deep learning cloud competitor. But this announcement makes sense in the context of the new AWS P3 instances, so there is definitely a partnership going on that nvidia wouldnt break from.

What about Paperspace?

(Really, I'm wondering: did you just overlook them or is there a reason they are not competitive with the other platforms?)

Cloud is hard business though, and requires far more than chips.

IBM Bluemix?

Bluemix is SaaS/PaaS, not IaaS.

IBM Bluemix got an IaaS layer as well. It was previously called softlayer, but is now wrapped under the Bluemix brand.


Ah didn't know that, thanks!

<strike> Looking further though, I see Softlayer does offer GPU for bare metal provisioning [0]. But it is not available in Virtual machines. Also, even for the GPU offering, it doesn't mention the details at all, not even if it is OpenCL or CUDA.

[0] https://www.ibm.com/cloud-computing/bluemix/bare-metal-searc... </strike>

EDIT - nevermind, was looking in the wrong place! Found this: https://www.ibm.com/cloud-computing/bluemix/gpu-computing

Having had experience with SoftLayer in recent years (that is, currently still deal with them and have for years), I can’t emphasize enough that you should steer clear. Year after year support and just overall stability has fallen to shit after IBMs acquisition. I can’t wait to be free of it.

sorry you have had a bad experience. Do you mind sharing what could be improved? disclaimer: I am one of the core network engineers and my opinions expressed here are my own and not official statements

When you say there’s going to be four minutes of network outage in a four hour window, I relay that to our clients. It seems to consistently push into 30 minutes. Just say 30 minutes up front and it’ll be daisy. Also, it seems like I have to pull out teeth when I have a VSI go down because of host (dom0) failure. When I call in, I literally have to argue with the support engineer that the machine is down so he doesn’t waste 30 minutes of everyone’s time to “debug” what I already know to be true (I.e. if I can’t trigger a force restart on the VSI from control or API, and the VSI is down, and “KVM” to it is down, just fucking trust me and escalate). Also, why the hell cant a ticket auto open for that, or even just a manual “open tickets to all accounts affected” button. There’s zero communication with customers, compare that to Google Cloud or the much smaller Linode. It’s really pathetic. My list of grievances can go on and on. My current one is “why did you all bother migrating us all to hardware supposedly capable of live migration, just to not use it and tell me the earlier migrated machines need to be migrated again because you all used me as a guinea pig before putting them on LTS machines!”

EDIT: also, since this is your domain, what exactly has been happening in lon/ams with networking? SoftLayer used to pride itself with its network, but it feels subpar at best now.

in your opinion would it be better to overestimate as a precaution? I think people generally tend to naturally estimate a scenario where things go as planned and present that.

About lon02 we are actually currently going through a migration to new routers and there was some possible impact communicated to customers. Many apologies it didn't go as smoothly as hoped.

And AMS? It feels just like it’s constantly something or another. I have hundreds of emails for “events” that can sometimes be hard to constantly sift through too. Feels like we need to hire someone to babysit that.

to give a little background IBM bought Softlayer and we are now the infrastructure of Bluemix. 35 datacenters globally and we offer bare metal to order as well as various cloud offerings. Our newest datacenters are clustered into 3 availability zones in a metro and each has 14Tb/s redundant path to two POPs

Oracle OCI also has V100 support.

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