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Nathan Myhrvold has a new cookbook about bread: https://www.amazon.com/Modernist-Bread-Nathan-Myhrvold/dp/09.... This complements his prize winning modernist cookbook https://www.amazon.com/Modernist-Cuisine-Art-Science-Cooking....

Is it really $500+ for 5 volumes? I don't know why I was hoping it was going to be affordable.

That is $562.50 reduced from $625.00 at Amazon for the 5 volume set, only $112.50/volume or $0.21/page on pre-order. The shipping weight is 53 pounds. While I have not seen this book, the photos are over-the-top gorgeous. There is a wide range of ancillary materials--posters and the like--as well. If you want to learn about bread in detail, this is may be your book.

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