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Trashing memory, or thrashing? Because with AS, I’ll believe either.

thrashing, english is not my first language ^^

Hmm; I have been running extremely large projects on AS with a good but not out of this world machine.

Compilation times are too slow for my taste (ie even clean should take less than 5 seconds ideally), but the IDE itself is pretty smooth.

Again, the trick is to monitor its memory usage. It is a pity that it's up to the user to configure this, but for large projects I had to allocate more memory to AS and it makes it go from unusable to lag free.

thrashing, english is not my first language ^^

No, no, your English is fine, it's AS that's the problem. :-) I assumed that it was probably a typo of some sort, but I would truly have believed either usage. Though AS has gotten better about not trashing memory.

That said, I agree that with a properly provisioned machine, AS does well. And it's a vast improvement over its predecessor.

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