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>noticeably improve build times

yes, the newish build model is modular, allowing to only compile what needs to. Still not perfect but a huge improvement.

>general smoothness

Just as before, give enough ram to AS. Generally if it is slow it is because it is constantly trashing the memory.

Trashing memory, or thrashing? Because with AS, I’ll believe either.

thrashing, english is not my first language ^^

Hmm; I have been running extremely large projects on AS with a good but not out of this world machine.

Compilation times are too slow for my taste (ie even clean should take less than 5 seconds ideally), but the IDE itself is pretty smooth.

Again, the trick is to monitor its memory usage. It is a pity that it's up to the user to configure this, but for large projects I had to allocate more memory to AS and it makes it go from unusable to lag free.

thrashing, english is not my first language ^^

No, no, your English is fine, it's AS that's the problem. :-) I assumed that it was probably a typo of some sort, but I would truly have believed either usage. Though AS has gotten better about not trashing memory.

That said, I agree that with a properly provisioned machine, AS does well. And it's a vast improvement over its predecessor.

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