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This might seem super nitpicky (I apologize in advance), but the domain and blog UX needs a little fixing. My 30 second experience:

- skim blog, yeah, looks good, heard of this before, hope they're successful, <insert privacy concerns here>, whatever

- click logo to try and get to main site

- sent to blog.flattr.net instead

- go to address bar, remove "blog."

- 404

- ugh, maybe they're one of those that only left "www." to go their root page

- add "www."

- 404

- Google "flattr"

- it's "flattr.com"


> - click logo to try and get to main site > - sent to blog.flattr.net instead

This is everywhere. FAQ pages, wiki pages, blogs etc. I hate this trend.

For me, I have no idea what Flattr is and trying to read through their .com site gives me no insight really. I see it is supposed to be something that supports content creators and or creatives on the internet, but how and what?

Effectively, you allocate a portion of funds every month to Flattr. Over that month you can click the "flattr" button on any site that has one, and at the end of the month your monthly contribution is split evenly among all of your "flatter" choices. I don't know if they added recurring donations, last I looked at this service was a couple of years ago.

EDIT: Apparently they've made it an extension that tracks your browsing history. That's just ridiculous. It's also a shame -- Peter Sunde used to be quite pro-privacy. But they _did_ say they wanted to liberate the extension.

That was Flattered 1.0. Peter Sunde let his connection to Flattered go to avoid issues with the PirateBay case, else there was the risk that the legal charges could have damaged flattr ... but Flattr 1.0 never managed to be really profitable (too few sites with a Flattr button -> not gaining many active users -> less sites with Flattr button) thus they sold out to those Adblocker Guys ....

Ok, that is not really what happened. But it's a too long story for a HN comment ;)

Yes, and the exact true story is only know by the ones involved :-)

Yes, like me.

It's like Brave payments https://www.brave.com/introducing-brave-payments/ but from Flattr

Came here to say this. Also reminiscent of Steem.

Ah, true. The reason the blog is on .net is for security reasons. We don't want to have a WP blog (with all it's flaws) on a domain that should be trusted by our own system.

That said, a FW from .net to .com seems logical, and a link to the site too, hehe.

i was going to say this, but you nailed it.

nailed it. nothing is more infuriating then blogs not having an obvious, direct link to their actual site.

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