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I'm glad to see Kotlin making its proper debut. Android has been crying out for something a little more expressive and less verbose than Java, and Kotlin fits the bill perfectly.

Kotlin is super nice. As a former C# dev who went into Android, I was really dissatisfied with Java, and Kotlin was my rescue. I had to write some C# recently, and I have to admit Kotlin does feel nicer. (Admittedly it is still lacking some good stuff in comparison, eg. _yield return_).

>Admittedly it is still lacking some good stuff in comparison, eg. _yield return_

Is that similar to Kotlin's buildSequence/yield/... implemented with coroutines? https://kotlinlang.org/api/latest/jvm/stdlib/kotlin.coroutin...

It would seem so, but coroutines are still "experimental". I do hope it will catch up.

I wouldn't say Kotlin feels nicer in my opinion, they are both very expressive languages these days.

What I like about them both is that you can very often intuit how something is likely to work.

Kotlin + Anko makes Android development much less painful indeed.

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