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The Physics of Bread (physicsworld.com)
50 points by bdr on Oct 26, 2017 | hide | past | favorite | 8 comments

Reminds me of an AvE video about DIY carbon foam.

- Making carbon foam https://youtu.be/Wex_yKfrTo4

- Bread bowl foundry https://youtu.be/L-qOIO6IQWk

Comments on the link suggest that this is a known patent troll outfit.

Yes, Intellectual Ventures is an IP outfit founded by Nathan Myrvold and Edward Jung, both from Microsoft.


I think that's quite off-topic for the submission at hand, however. The article has little (nothing?) to do with intellectual property (other than perhaps copyright and authorship of Myrvold's upcoming book) or patents.

If you want to consider this as a reason to discount the submission, please feel free. Perhaps even flag the submission if you feel it's inappropriate for HN. But please don't derail what could otherwise be an interesting conversation about bread, physics, and the history of cooking.

Nathan Myhrvold has a new cookbook about bread: https://www.amazon.com/Modernist-Bread-Nathan-Myhrvold/dp/09.... This complements his prize winning modernist cookbook https://www.amazon.com/Modernist-Cuisine-Art-Science-Cooking....

Is it really $500+ for 5 volumes? I don't know why I was hoping it was going to be affordable.

That is $562.50 reduced from $625.00 at Amazon for the 5 volume set, only $112.50/volume or $0.21/page on pre-order. The shipping weight is 53 pounds. While I have not seen this book, the photos are over-the-top gorgeous. There is a wide range of ancillary materials--posters and the like--as well. If you want to learn about bread in detail, this is may be your book.

Anyone who is in to food physics (food technologists / mechanical engineers / analytical chemists / biologists / applied machine learners) and is looking for a creative and interesting job, please get in touch.

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