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Maybe a wrong place to ask, but can somebody recommend an opposite of this? I don't care for album covers (at least while listening) and prefer alphabetized lists and a text-only playlist for a main view. With good queue management (like in old Winamp and iOS 10 Music; in 11 they screwed it up).

You might want to try Cesium: http://www.cesium-app.com/

You can hide most images/covers on Cesium. I bought it one or two years ago, use it sometimes instead of the Music.app.

On a side note, one feature I'd wish was in all these players is the ability to pin stuff. I'd like to pin x albums, that's how I listen to them, x albums per month.

I'm looking for same thing but for macOS. People usually recommend Vox, but Vox is absolutely awful. Tiny ass window, that always, ALWAYS, drags songs when I try to scroll.

Try Swinsian: http://swinsian.com. Basically iTunes without any bloat.

I know you're asking about iOS, but for those using Android, I can recommend EZ Folder Player.


Here is the link to the $0.99 ad-free version (rather than in-app purchase) for the lazy:


I personally use Vanilla Music (not specifically minimalist but open source and [ad] free):


Based on recent HN discussions[1], I will recommend (macOS/Unix-like ncurses): https://cmus.github.io or (personal server with minimal-ish [mobile] clients): https://www.musicpd.org

[1] Efficient music players remain elusive | https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=14634658 (Jun 2017, 246 comments) +3 similar: https://hn.algolia.com/?query=efficient%20music%20elusive&ty...

Personally I just use the Goodreader app for music, and put my tracks on there and listen that way. Since my collection as a whole is in Dropbox, I can just pull whatever I want down into Goodreader when I want to keep it around on the device for awhile.

I too hate the iOS music app and any other app that attempts to improve the GUI nature of finding and exploring a music collection. I just want my tracks listed and easily jump between them. This app in this thread would seem to increase the amount of time I'd need to find a track; I don't care about all the fancy visuals, I just want to listen to music.

If you want to load and play your own MP3s you could try Tiny Player. App Store: http://itunes.apple.com/app/id1140849233

Thanks, this is somewhat orthogonal to purely UI concerns, but it's very useful to know it exists!

BTW, is it really possible for third-party players to access music from Apple Music?

It is since iOS 11.

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