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Weird, I've had really great experience with InfluxDB. I literally couldn't be happier. The early days were rough, 18 month ago or so. In the last year, it's been very solid.

I store metrics (largely from telegraf) on system performance from more than 100 physical/virtual machines into it, and have full resolution data since Feb 2016 stored in around 100GB across 3 Influx instances (dev, stg, prod).

Compared to our previous collectd/graphite infrastructure, this is a huge win. Much lower system utilization, easier to add custom metrics.

Don't get me wrong, I love Postgres, been using it since '96, but Influx/Telegraf/Grafana has given me the ease of Munin with the high resolution data of collectd while also providing low overhead and low maintenance.

It's certainly gotten better but I would not call it a great experience. Right this minute for example, my metrics machine's disk is filling up at higher than usual rate and I have no knowledge of what is causing this to happen, no tools to figure it out.

A week ago, I tried to set up a "successful writes per second" metric. I have a "time since start", and "successful writes since start", but no way to operate one with the other.

The HTTP input API is dog-slow with HTTPS, and the UDP input API requires a separate socket for every database.

It's lots of things like these...

"successful writes since start" has a time value associated with it, right? I think what you want is not to correlate "time since start" and "successful writes since start", but to just do a derivative of the "successful writes since start" metric. This is just like the networking stats on Linux hosts.

I have something like: FROM default net WHERE host =~ /$Host$/ SELECT field(bytes_recv) mean() derivative(1s) alias(In) GROUP BY time($interval) tag(host) tag(interface) fill(null) FORMAT AS Time series ALIAS BY [[col]] [[tag_host]]/[[tag_interface]]

That's in my Grafana query.

Aside: I sent the TimeseriesDB reference to a friend that just a couple days ago asked about options for storing metrics on storage servers. I had told him about my experiences with Influx, had mentioned Prometheus and also Sentry has some sort of internal TSDB they do on Postgres. In reply to the TimeseriesDB reference, he replied that he was all about InfluxDB now.

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