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Bitcoin has layers. One of the layers people don't understand is the layer called "core". The creators of bitcoin were cypherpunks and so they had a decade before bitcoin existed where people worked out how such a system would work. Those cypherpunks became core. While people think of bitcoin as the software, or the network or the white paper, what it really is, is a collection of engineers (you have to trust the engineers to trust the software and network and ultimately money) that is very diverse, and a genuine meritocracy. Since bitcoin attracted a lot of libertarians and wanna-be-I-think-I-am-libertarians its relatively easy to say "core is the new evil overlords! a monopoly!" when the reality is that core is a large number of people who don't agree on a lot of stuff and have developed a process of reaching consensus. So, unfortunately, some uneducated non-engineer felon like Roger Ver can spread a lot of claims about core and those get believed despite core people explaining patiently in engineering terms why the claims are false (eg: big blocks are not free scaling, segwit is more efficient, etc.)

Non-engineers simply cannot understand the technology arguments and so they are manipulatable via social engineering, which in this case is literally legions of paid shills (http://birds.bitcoin.com is the attackers site where shills get paid.)

That's the layer that's under attack now- because the powers that be want to control bitcoin and they can't beat the software, they can't beat the hash power, but they think they can maybe beat the people. (And in Ver's case, he shills BCH to keep its price up while unloading it to get more BTC.)

Actually that twitter account is one that I've seen many times before, and I would not consider him someone who understand how bitcoin works. He seems to be an engineer who has taken a superficial look and then fallen sway to propaganda.

This is the thing about bitcoin, there are layers. Here's some of the layers: 1. "Bitcoin is internet money" 2. A block chain is a chain of database entries 3. I understand what Proof of work is 4. I understand how economic incentives work in bitcoin 5. I understand why PoW will always be better than PoS 6. I understand why ethereum can never work (ultimately) 7. Now I really understand the economic incentives 8. Now I understand bitcoin

Of course this is more than a little tongue in cheek.

The white paper can be found here: https://bitcoin.org/en/bitcoin-paper

But a lot of the standards are found here (in various levels of adoption)... this bit is really relevant for wallets: https://github.com/bitcoin/bips#readme

Read the white paper at least once before holding any bitcoin. And then re-read it at least 5 times one the course of 2 years. It has layers and you will come to understand them over time.

Reading Mastering Bitcoin I understand is really useful too. (I got thrown into the deep end of btcd so I didn't have that luxury)

Thanks! I have definitely read the bitcoin white paper sir! I thought there was a whitepaper about Segwit2x or B2X. I read the original Bitcoin paper very shortly after it came out (!) and I am confident in my understanding of Bitcoin, the protocol, how it works, why it is excellent and unparalleled. However, I did not know that Core was a lot of people, and it makes sense that the most precarious link in the chain may be the human element. Happy to hear that the engineers / cypherpunks got it down pat (I was already rather confident in that) ... Question: why does Ethereum not work in the ultimate?

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