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I was recently rejected by a big tech company for not knowing Java 8. I code in scala in my day job and haven't kept up with changes in java. My coding exercise language options were nodejs,java, python, I submitted solution java 7.

Interviewer said to my face( well..on the phone) that they won't be "moving forward" because I don't keep up with changes in technology and they are a 'fast moving' tech environment.

That almost reads like a joke. The guy using Scala is criticized by Java evangelists (no other word when you reject somebody because they don't know one specific language) for not keeping up with changing technologies.

Hope you found another position and can look at this experience thinking that you're better off not working there.

This may not have been an age thing, and more of being threatened by your experience thing. Could also be that they were so clueless that they couldn't put together that you could obviously do java 8. A lot of places writing pretty basic software really do think they are Google and have weird impossible to meet interview standards that no one working there could ever pass.

Sounds like you dodged a bullet.

There are a lot of those kinds of bullets to dodge. That's kind of the point behind the concern over age discrimination. These "bullets" are more or less cover for age discrimination.

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