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I meant that we used to have our own datacenter.

Yes, the dedicated servers might be less. But when one of them breaks, I have to wait for the provider to fix it. On EC2, I can replace it in 5 minutes.

> I started out on VPSs and saved a lot moving to dedicated servers once it made sense to. For the dedi servers I use I don't have to pay for RAM monthly, and I get bandwidth at a good price.

EC2 doesn't charge for RAM either and the bandwidth is at a great price.

> The kind of money you're paying on servers is just obscene.

It's really not that much more than other hosting providers, and they offer features that the other ones don't. The two biggest being the speed with which I can add new machines and the speed I can add more disk.

>> "and the bandwidth is at a great price."


  * Layered Tech: $169 (2 TB/month)
  * The Planet: $149 (1.5 TB/month)
  * Superb Hosting: $119 (2 TB/month)
  * Hostway: $99 (2 TB/month)
  * Server Beach: $75 (1.2 TB/month)
  * Cari.net: $60 (1.3 TB/month)

  * Amazon EC2: $244.40
So I disagree the bandwidth is at a great price. I think it's ridiculously expensive. Maybe you have money to burn though.

If a dedicated server dies, just spin up some VPSes while you order a new dedicated server or get it fixed :/ It's not a great problem for the rare hardware failure.

The dedicated servers I use get me 5TB transfer for around $100/month. That would cost me around $1,000 on Amazon.

I'm too lazy to do the research, but what happens when you scale that up to the 23TB a month that we are doing (which doesn't include the 49TB of cross datacenter traffic that is super cheap)? Amazon cuts us a price break at the higher tiers. Do the other guys?

Come on. The other guys are like 10% the cost of Amazon. Data center internal traffic is usually free. Are you talking about datacenter to other datacenter traffic?

In any event. You're wasting money. Reddit could easily be hosted for $3k/mo or so.

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