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some other survey /panorama books for various levels: What is Mathematics, Courant and Robbins (I haven't read the 2nd ed, edited by Ian Stewart)


also for all in 1 math for physics books, there's a bunch: Arfken et al., Mary Boas, Riley/Hobson /Bence etc: https://www.amazon.com/Mathematical-Methods-Physicists-Seven...

and http://www.goldbart.gatech.edu/PostScript/MS_PG_book/bookmas...

These are sort of orthogonal to the OP's link, they're not covering analysis, abstract algebra and topology, instead they're covering dif eq, spectral analysis, probability/stats, linear algebra.

The revised Stuart edition nothing is changed except Stewart has added a preface, and a 37 page chapter "Recent Developments".

John Stillwell also has a good survey book "Elements of Mathematics From Euclid to Gödel"

Stillwell is a great author. Naive Lie Theory is a great read, with a big section on quaternions.

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