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Many newcomers using your plugin will have a huge problem when using vanilla VIM. The same problem exist with Spacemacs, Spacevim or other weird things.

If someone don't want to use VIM modal editing why not to stay with Sublime/Atom/VSCode or any other editor? They also have very rich plugins ecosystem. Not mentioning that Sublime is like crazy fast...

To clarify it's not an attack on anyone. For instance evil mode in emacs is also a heart breaking plugin for me. Every editor is made for different workflow, why on earth mix them up? And in most cases it does not work very well.

I agree that you can't just use all the old keys otherwise you'll never learn. But what I am looking for is kind of a translation guide from ST to Vim.

For Vim learners I really think that GVim is a great tool because eg it doesn't do bad things when hit some keys you're used to with muscle memory such as copy/paste and Ctrl+arrow.

It has dropdown menus with the commands on so you can learn from them.

Once you're comfortable in GVim it's easy to switch to regular Vim.

Plus I use it on Windows as handles fonts and syntax highlighting better.

Because the composability of Vim is its killer feature, which these other editors lack.

See "Why Atom Can't Replace Vim"--https://medium.com/@mkozlows/why-atom-cant-replace-vim-43385...

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