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BTW, it does have a decent text editor. It's called Evil :)

FWIW, in all the times I've tried to use Emacs with Evil, it's still not been quite good enough. Enough friction here and there to bring me to a dead halt and make me reach for vim again.

same with me. tried everything to use evil with emacs (since i really wanted to use orgmode), but it's just not the same. the emacs keybinds get in the way of vim mode imho.

You definitely need to add a bunch of extra emacs configuration on top of the standard evil-mode stuff to get a fully intergrated emacs<->vim environment. On top of that, for most meta modes (e.g. dired, magit) you'll have to either find an evil-compat set of bindings, write your own, or get used to the emacs way of doing things in these special buffers.

Spacemacs you mean ;)

Spacemancs is another half-step up the ladder toward OS. It's a bunch of configuration utils and conventions that other people have decided for you--which may or may not be what you want.

Is that pronounced "space macs" or "spacky macs"?

> What is the official pronunciation of Spacemacs?

> As it is written, that is space then macs.


"Space Emacs"

Sorry, that's not correct.


"Space Macs"

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