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I had another pane autorunning something when it detected src file changes (inotify). So you just :w, and it happens.

The method in this blog could do this: just add :w to the mapping. The blog method might seem hacky in using up and enter, but this makes it easy to modify the command you want to run.

Lately I've been going the other way, from a complex vim setup to using the terminal and tools like inotify, tmux, and bash, so far I've found this a much better solution. Keeping my vim configuration and plugins synced between environments (windows, cygwin and linux) was getting to be a compatibility nightmare.

I also wanted to try using kakoune (http://kakoune.org/) but found that for day to day stuff I was far to reliant on my vim setup. Since beomming more reliant on the shell this is now more feasible and I've got a lot more flexibility.

Highly recommend kakoune. I've been using it since January or so, and its selection-oriented approach is really nice. I was a heavy user of visual mode in vim, so switching to kak, which has a much richer notion of selections, was a breeze.

If you use inotifywait a lot, I recommend trying http://entrproject.org/ which solves a lot of minor annoyances with inotifywait. It makes it easy to e.g. rebuild all web pages, restart your simplehttpserver and reload the current Firefox tab every time on of your `git ls-files` changes. The "restart server"-part can be fiddly with plain inotifywait, trivial with `entr -r`.

Nice! Currently, I use my own script [0] but entr is more general and supports more platforms.

[0] https://github.com/qznc/dot/blob/master/bin/git-onNotify

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