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tmux send-keys is fantastic. I recently added a shortcut to run the test that my cursor is on in a different pane.

This changed my life.

I thought I had to decide between having a separate pane to run my tests in and having a convenient and precise way to run to exactly the test or test file I want to run. But because of send-keys, I can have both!

Sounds cool! Could you share that shortcut please? I'm sure I could work it out, but there's always a bit of trial and error, and looking up docs without knowing the name in vim (for me, anyway).

For sure! There was definitely some trial and error as I was writing it. :) The specific use case I have is for running Elixir tests, but I'm sure adapting it wouldn't present too much of a challenge:


I haven't done a ton of Vim scripting and found this resource to be super helpful! https://devhints.io/vimscript

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