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I use ublock origin to block ads and ghostery to block a lot of trackers, theres some configurability to block some stuff from social media accounts maybe it will help..?

umatrix [1] from gorhill (ubo dev) does that pretty well (along with a bunch of other things)

[1] https://github.com/gorhill/uMatrix

Does uBlock Origin not do it out of the box?

uMatrix is more granular. From example, you can tell it to allow images and CSS from a domain, but not cookies or JavaScript.

Or, you can tell it to allow JavaScript from Facebook while you're on Facebook's site, but not when you're on other sites.

I find both uBlock Origin and uMatrix to be useful.

But for this particular problem, I want it off everywhere, all the time, no exceptions for anyone. According to https://robinlinus.github.io/socialmedia-leak/ I'm covered. I have 3rd-party cookies disabled and uBlock Origin but I'm not sure what's helping me. Banks shouldn't be utilizing vulnerabilities in the name of security, I haven't had an issue logging into anything yet.

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