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Wow, that exactly describes my company.

Our group ignores the ops stuff necessary to keep our product up and running to keep pushing out garbage for the next big demo. Most of our product is not working multiple days out of the month.

Some MBA guy with ambition learned enough technical skills to keep things up and running with some help from me.

Boss goes to MBA guy to keep things up and running and considers the problem "solved". MBA guy is running himself ragged by logging on after hours and screwing around with data files just to keep things running, then doing the same admin BS all day.

After MBA guy is let go, he is badmouthed for coming up with an unsustainable solution. All future admin work is explained as being necessary only because of him.

Eventually we had our "launch" and our PM did the "big presentation" to our company leadership. After everyone started to realize our product was garbage and we had boatloads of promises we could never keep, she just jumped ship.

I would have considered the whole thing a joke except it ruined my health and relationships for several months.

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