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They were the same Church throughout the Dark Ages, until 1054. The treatment a person would get from the Church depended on the politics of the local bishop more than anything else. In general, the "conflict thesis" - that the Church was opposed to science as such- is no longer believed by historians. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conflict_thesis#Modern_views There are few examples of scientists being persecuted, and these few were also involved in politics, which was cutthroat for everyone.

OK, thanks.

But it's not just about outright opposition, I think. During that period, didn't Islamic civilization generally support science more than Christian civilization did?

Quite the opposite. The Church (mostly monasteries) in Northern Europe was the main source of progress in science and the progress was rapid. Mostly applied science though like agriculture, melioration, construction, metal forging, waterwheeel etc.

This book explains quite well how Western European civilization during Dark Ages was sucking all kinds of inventions and improving them slowly in order to adapt itself in hostile conditions of Northern Europe.


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