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When installing with Hammer2 (EFI, encrypted root and swap), after rebooting and decrypting the root I get an error saying `mount_hammer2` isn't found. Has anyone else had this issue and figured out if there's a fix?

What Elhana said - mount_hammer2 isn't included in /usr/share/initrd so it's not copied into the image used there.

You can build a new initrd - cd into src/share/initrd/sbin, add it to the makefile, type 'wmake install' I think, and you may be good. I am guessing because I don't have an encrypted disk to test.

Otherwise, wait and there will be an updated 5.01 image soon, I'm sure - the recent KRACK vulnerability will prompt that, if nothing else.

Thanks for the info! I'm fine with waiting for a 5.01; I just wasn't sure if I had installed it wrong or something

mount_hammer2 is probably not in initrd

Sorry, I'm still a relative beginner with regards to BSD; is this something I can fix during/post installation?

I'd suggest trying more popular flavors of BSD first. Especially if you're installing on physical hardware, dragonflyBSD may be hard to begin with.

FreeBSD on the laptop has decent support, and in a couple of weeks you will learn about initrd etc. to be able to work with DragonflyBSD.

If you want to learn more about system internals, you might want to learn how to use bhyve (FreeBSD's awesome hypervisor) on FreeBSD. By trying to use bhyve you will learn how to extract the kernel from an img build, load it etc.

Have fun and good luck on your studies!

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