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What I find symptomatic is that everyone takes Rick being the superior genius as granted - while there is little evidence of his real superiority. In most likelihood, he was slightly more experienced then the rest of the team and knew slightly more at the beginning. The evidence of them being actually capable is there in the subsequent work. Which was better then Ricks, but note how they don't get to be praised for skill at all. Only Rick is.

The pattern I have seen multiple times in IT companies is that if you act the way Rick is described to act, you will create aura of geniality around you. If you are the slightly more experienced and a lot more confident, you rejecting other peoples ideas or criticizing their work will be unconditionally accepted as truth. And once aura is there, it is also pretty easy to frame every difference of opinion as objective truth that they are wrong.That gives others little chance in politics.

Describing experience: it does not matter that those slightly less experienced needed maybe two-three months to get up to speed, it does not matter that what they proposed was actually equally valid solution to the problem at hand. It does not matter that Rick saving day from someone else bad solution was may Rick rewriting equally valid code to another equally valid code.

What happens is that Rick acted arrogant and therefore everyone in leadership and in comments assumes he was the biggest rock star there was in the company. Other people cooperated well, therefore they are clearly less skilled than Rick was.

As for working 12 hours a day 7 days a week - it is irrational and invariably leads to inferior results. However a person who has discipline to go home, sleep, exercise, take rest, say no will not be praised as a role model, despite making better more rational decisions. Nope, the one who does irrational decisions is fallen genius hero.

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