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I disagree with some of below comments and it is totally Managment fault.

I might be somewhat a little rick. But in my case it is the managment responsibility to set the expectation.

If a task takes 5 days to complete but your manager says I need build at the end of day. You can not deny it and you have no other option but to patch.

Let's assume another scenario. If your manager says he needs build at the end of day and you are spending 5 days to just write the beautiful thoughtful code than what will happen. You loose your creadibility and no one will trust you and say you are rockstar.

Then you will be fired like dumb.

It sounds like only Rick worked that much. While there is management to take part of the blame, I have seen multiple times developers working that much because they wanted to. Sometimes they thought it "must be that way", other times they wanted to pretend they are heroes to save the day and did things that could easily wait. Yet other times, they had no life out of work or messy life and this allowed them to pretend it is not the case.

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