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I run a side project for sending business reminders: https://www.cronote.com

Cronote made next to no money for 5 years, but slowly migrated its way to the top of Google for search of "text message reminders" and "sms reminders." I did a ton of work, made an iPhone app, changed the billing system four times and rebuilt the interface three times.

I now have ~60 paying customers, but it only makes $300 per month after all expenses. I don't think I've recouped the man-hours spent, but I've certainly learned a lot along the way. I learned Python/Django (website back-end), Objective-C and Swift (iOS app), and lots of fun stuff about timezones and calendaring APIs.

Your side project reminds me of patio11's appointment reminder. I visited your website and found the enterprise pricing is jarringly low, I recommend reading some of patio11 HN post / his blog, perhaps you might be able to increase price and earn 10x more a year.

I think your server is serving on port 4431, which is odd, so your link is broken unless you use https://cronote.com:4431/. You should serve on port 80 and 443.

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