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>Your reasons for being an asshole don’t change the end result though. It just changes the context around it.

No, it very much does.

We are not cavemen to assign labels to people based only on external outcomes. Ever courts take emotional state and other circumstances into account.

Sorry, it really really doesn’t.

The court might take your emotional state into account when you murder someone, but if they’ve got you dead-to-rights you’re still going to prison.

Does Rick deserve to get blacklisted? No. Would I have been incredibly upset if they named the individual? Yes.

Did Rick deserve to get fired even though they basically set him up to get fired? Yep, he still does.

Did Rick react inappropriately to a horrible situation? Yep, he did.

Actually no, just because you kill someone doesn't mean you're going to jail. If someone is attacking you and you lash out in self-defense, you're very likely to not go to jail as everyone is expected to be able to defend themselves. It sounds very much like this was a defense mechanism to overwork. The fact that they didn't give him time off before approaching him was kind of crappy in the first place. It should never have come to what it came to.

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