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IMO, the most amazing quote from the original story:

  It also had a few thousand lines of new code
  to replace about 150,000 lines of incomprehensible
No one looked at the quality of work after maybe 10,000 lines of code?

These claims make me assume the original author exaggerated everything to the point that the whole story is essentially a lie. This guy was incredibly capable but copy-pasted everywhere and wrote shitty code? This doesn’t even make sense. It makes even less sense that somehow no one noticed his copy-paste coding for over two years until he was finally fired for other reasons. But then those same incompetents who didn’t notice the copy-pasting or generally overengineered spagetti code suddenly came together to rebuild the whole product in a quarter of the time with less than a tenth of the code.

Yeah right.

You haven't yet seen many SWEs decide on whether to do a rewrite yet have you ?

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