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>There were a lot of failures in the Rick story "on all sides" as POTUS would say.

Nope, there weren't. That's what management is for. Everything that happened, since they didn't attempt any change, is their fault and their only.

Naw, at the very least Rick was guilty of hubris and naïveté. I came in after a Rick left once, that guys ignorance and poor decisions hobbled that company for years. Icarus is not held in high regard, by anyone.

Yes. How dare Rick be human; to be missing traits which are typically obtained by teaching, not by osmosis. The story of Icarus is, one, completely fictional, and two, a parable used for teaching such traits.

If you are in technology, either you become responsible for learning on your own or you get left behind.

I’m not just referring to learning the latest new and shiny JavaScript Framework. I learned the hard way that technical skills will only take you so far. I had to learn the soft skills.

You are responsible for your own career though. By being the one subject matter expert and not doing documentation, it meant that he would probably never be put on new projects using new technologies and probably his own technical skills became outdated. So when he did get fired, he found it harder to find another job (been there done that - didn’t get fired but came close).

So it doesn’t matter whose “fault” it is, he was the one ultimately harmed by it.

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