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Personally I think those are important enough points to be included in the main post. People shouldn't need to dig through the comments to see those.

But these statements came ex-post and that too when people pointed out obvious holes in the original post. So these sound like the original writer was coming up with excuses to absolve the company of wrongdoing. Oh..you mean vacation..yea sure we did that.....you mean manager was responsible....ye sure we fired him.

I can imagine the writer not intentionally hiding these things, but I do agree that they should be added to the original article.

I am not too sure because if I want to make noise about how my developer screwed up, highlighting the incompetence of the direct manager played a big part as well. Yea sure maybe the minute detail of management overtures being refused can be missed because they wanted to portray themselves as a good guy.

From the looks of it the whole thing was written from "an expose on star developer culture" point of view. In which case, admitting your own mistakes in the first draft takes backseat and it's all about the "star developer".

What is even more surprising is given that so many people have pointed out this hole, there hasn't been an edit to clarify this point. I am not digital content expert but if it does spread wide, no one is going to care what is in the comments.

Depends where the poster stands in the organization.

Highlighting failure of an employee is always a bad idea. Highlighting failure of many employees and the entire chain of command is a suicide move.

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