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OpenBSD wifi maintainer here.

I was informed on July 15.

The first embargo period was already quite long, until end of August. Then CERT got involved, and the embargo was extended until today.

You can connect the dots.

I doubt that I knew something the NSA/CIA weren't aware of.

In other words, its malfeasance by the security community for holding out.

There's only a few courses of actions. One is to sit quietly and let everyone eventually do the solution. And that doesn't work. No fire under peoples' asses, and the work is delayed.

The other, is to release it promptly. Then, at least we can decide to triage by turning down X service (even if wifi), requiring another factor like tunnel-login or what have you.

But truthfully, defect in a Prisoners Game played out here was the best choice. The rest of the community is "agree".

No one should care about a community that agrees that releasing silent patches is a good idea. This is exactly the same behavior that created the need for full disclosure in the first place. And no, there aren't just two options nor are processes binary. It's rather mind boggling how "the community" has managed to go full circle in such a short time and themselves become the opinionated people they were supposed to be the alternative to.

Really makes me wish you'd told the world. I know all the arguments against that, but this sort of thing is no good either.

Yes, but that would result in them not getting notified for any other vulnerability.

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