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Really liked this article.

I liken software methodologies to cooking recipes.

On one end of the scale you have a highly skilled and experienced chef, who can craft a great (requested) dish with a variety of ingredients and equipment. Knowing how to adapt and what to add and when. This works well, but requires a heavy cost (experience) and is, from the outside, difficult to follow and control.

On the other end of the scale you have fast food. A strict process and fixed ingredients that ‘just works’. Those involved in cooking have very little knowledge of why, and are almost certainly not able to adapt. This works well for scenarios where you exactly know and control both the input and output.

A skilled chef can ‘codify’ their recipes, but this results in a specific description of what to do, and not why. Thus marginalising the adaptability.

In my experience, most software engineers are trying to attain the skilled chef role. While most _managers_ want the fast-food style predictability. With the ‘process’ being the battleground.

The best process is where you - a complete multi-disciplinary team - make as quick iterations as possible, learning as you go. But, always knowing where you are trying to get to (and why!) and constantly adjusting accordingly.

Good luck out there.

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