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Most employers are probably not like you in this regard. As a prospective employee, it’s more reasonable to adapt one’s behavior to the typical employer, not to you; they don’t know you yet. White lies are commonly accepted in today’s society. I am certain you don’t agree with this, and even the prospective employee might not agree, and might otherwise approve of your policy. But if they want any chance of being employed by anyone other than you, they can’t behave the way you want them to when being interviewed.

For this to be anywhere close to fair, you should have told interviewees about this policy of yours before the interview, so they have a chance to adapt. Otherwise, it just becomes a random “gotcha” years later.

It was a well known policy. It was clearly stated in plain language, just as I say it here.

I hired professionals, adults. I expect them to be adults.

I'll put up with a lot. Dishonesty is not on that list, however.

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